Saturday, January 12, 2008

Toxic shock

What in the world is happening today. Every thing that we give our baby and kids is in a toxic state. The words "lead tainted" is turning up every where. Our economy is slowing due to China having lead in almost every thing that we import. I have heard enough and I am disgusted by it. One of my favorite magazines named "Cookie" . I opened the page to 132 and the title is "Toxic Shock." The article states that many items that we use are tainted with lead. Call me that dorky mom, but when my children were babies. A.) I believed in breast feeding as long as you can. B.) I went to milling my own organic fruits and vegetables meals. C.) I would not dare put a preservative infested meal in to either of my babies mouths. As a concerned mom, I felt the need to mill fresh fruits and vegetables, which took a total of 20 minutes per week to ensure the healthiest for my children...not to mention the freshest. I am not going to take up much of your time on this issue, but the article in Cookie has given us all of the facts and our options as concerned mothers.
Plastics 101 is addressed by Cookie and it states "Family's should try to limit plastic in their homes. The safest long lasting plastics are #2, #4, and #5 says Landrigan of Mount Sinai, you can look at the bottom of the plastic jars to locate the numbers. The ones to avoid are #3, #6, and #7." I always believe that wooden toys or natural fabrics are the best toys for our babies. Our safest alternatives are non varnished, hard wood toys, cloth toys, stuffed animals, and hand made items from small manufacturers, with that being are some of my favorites.

Some of my favorite Etsy collegues that are addressing such issues are:

Wood Toys:
Stumppondtoy by Wyit Wright stated "I use no varnish of any kind. The only finish I use is drugstore mineral oil. The same oil I would reccomend for wooden food bowls, cutting boards, or wooden utensils. It is completely non-toxic."

Woodmouse , by Amber Woodmouse
states that "None of my toys are made with varnish. Varnish is nasty stuff. I do use beeswax and organic jojoba oil to finish them but my toys can also be purchased without this and without paint as well! (I've had some vegan customers who didn't want me to use beeswax for example.)

Natural Soft toys:

Tiddlywinks, by Scottie states that "All dolls are inspired by the drawings my children make. You'll see it in their faces. Every one is one of a kind, I make no two the same. Everyone is made with new material by hand. Custom orders are happily accepted here!!"
Michele, of Posieandme states that "All of my play food collectibles are made of wool felt and are handstitched."

The photo above is Mr. or Mrs. Jack Rabbit, it will be available in my shop starting tomorrow. He or she is made of chenille and 100% cotton filling. They stand 12 inches and are 1 inch thick so a baby can grasp it. I made sure there is no buttons for a baby to choke on. They are oh so very simple, scooshi and soft!

Lets keep our children safe, for they are our future.

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